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See what our customers think about digitalisation, and the effect it has had on their business and daily lives. Digia helps its customers to embrace the changes in our daily digital lives.

Case Feon Oy: New ERP in record time

When Feon Oy started up in early 2016, the company needed an ERP in double-quick time. Although it usually takes at least six months to implement an ERP, Feon was able to get a suitable Digia Enterprise system up and running in only three months.

Case Lassila & Tikanoja: CRM makes it easier to tackle everyday challenges and implement strategy

Lassila & Tikanoja wanted to standardise operating methods within its sales organisation and put customer data to better use throughout the organisation as a whole. L&T wants to turn our consumer society into a recycling society by improving its customers’ material, energy and cost efficiency. Improved customer understanding will play a key role in realising this goal, and L&T is seeking to achieve this with the aid of CRM.

Case Satel Oy: A complete overview of customer relationships is the key to both better service and business development

Satel Oy, an internationally operating Finnish manufacturer of radio modems, needed a new ERP, as its current system no longer met the company’s business requirements. Satel chose Digia Enterprise ERP with integrated CRM.

Case Varma: An agile operating model keeps the wheels of development turning

When the time came to change its integration platform, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company took this opportunity to renew its integration in general. In conjunction with the integration platform change, and with Digia's aid, Varma introduced the DevOps model to keep the wheels of development turning in the future as well.

Case Savon Sellu: Digital production diary improves information flow

Kuopio-based firm Savon Sellu Oy wanted to improve information flow at its plant. The company introduced Digia's ProDiary application, which enables employees to check production events at the plant. This user-friendly digital production diary has also been integrated into the ERP system, thereby reducing overlapping work.

Case Rexel: Mobile app keeps stores open 24/7

Rexel Finland Oy, a distributor of electrical supplies, noted that its customers have a need to shop at its stores outside normal opening hours. As a solution, Rexel created the Nonstop concept, which enables customers to shop at whatever time is most convenient for them. This concept includes a mobile app that allows customers to buy products by scanning them with their own mobile devices.

Case Hankkija: Change of ownership and a tight transition period set the framework for an extensive overhaul of financial systems

Following a change of ownership, Hankkija, Finland’s leading agricultural store chain, needed a partner to overhaul its financial systems. This project aimed to ensure the continuity of financial administration functions both during and after the transition period. Digia has long served as Hankkija’s ERP provider. Hankkija selected Digia as its partner for the transition phase. The process and system changes had to be carried out within two years. The project was successful and Hankkija now uses Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Case Tradeka: Tradeka was convinced by the e-voting application

The Co-operative Tradeka already thought about the possibility of e-voting during the previous election of its representative body. The decision to offer the option in addition to traditional postal voting was made in the spring of 2016. Digia was selected as a partner for its good references and expert team, among other reasons.

Case Liikennevirasto: SOA office predicts future business requirements

When the Finnish Transport Agency was established in 2010, there was also a desire to better meet future business requirements. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) provided a solution, as it takes a service-oriented rather than a system-specific approach. The SOA office established with Digia now provides important consulting and technical assistance to the Finnish Transport Agency’s projects.

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