Key Figures

Digia is a Profitably Growing IT Service Company

€ 000 2016 2015 Change, %
Continuing operations      
Net sales  86,463 80,946 6.8%
Operating profit  5,419 5,854 -7.4%
- as a % of net sales  6.3% 7.2%  
Profit for the period  4,064 4,246 -4.3%
- as a % of net sales 4.7% 4.8%  
Profit for the period, discontinued operations 75,843  981  
Total profit for the period, continuing and discontinued operations 79,907  5,228  
Return on equity, % 11.0%  13.5%  
Return on investment, % 11.0%  15.6%  
Interest-bearing liabilites 13,686  13,513 1.3%
Cash and cash equivalents 1,994  6,710 -70.3%
Net gearing, % 35.6%  16.6%  
Equity ratio, % 49.8%  53.7%  
Earnings per share, EUR, undiluted 0.20  0.20  
Earnings per share, EUR, diluted 0.20  0.20  

Application of new ESMA Guidelines

Digia Plc has adjusted the terms used in its financial reporting in accordance with the new guidelines on Alternative Performance Measures (APM) issued by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Demerger of Digia and Qt Group Plc

The demerger of Digia Plc and Qt Group Plc came into force on 1 May 2016. This annual report presents the business operations of Digia Plc, that is, the former Domestic segment. Qt Group's business operations are treated as discontinued operations. In addition to Qt's net result, the reported figures for discontinued operations include demerger expenses and the difference between the fair values and carrying amounts of net assets transferred to Qt.

More detailed key figures for the last five years and the formulae for the key figures are provided in the notes to the financial statements (notes 28 and 30).

Net salesOperating profitCash flowEarnings per share

The comparison figures of 2012–2014 include the Qt business.