Human resources

Human resources

Skilled and motivated personnel are the cornerstone of Digia's success. Our HR development is guided by our strategy and its requirements, and our customer promises: ability with passion, together, as promised. In addition to recruitment, internal resourcing and subcontracting, we also acquire expertise through corporate acquisitions and business transfers in accordance with Digia’s growth target. Educational partnerships, recruitment marketing, and a variety of events also played an important role in developing our expertise and employer image during 2016.

Competence development

The training programmes offered by Digia Learning Academy continued in 2016. The Academy’s programmes support personnel’s operational and competence development. They promote expertise and knowledge sharing, and a culture of doing things together.

In 2016, we supported a culture of inclusion and teamwork with initiatives such as training for supervisors, 360 assessments, and DISC workplace and leader profiling. Our training themes included leadership and management, supervisory work, and various situations involving interaction and communication.

Digia’s technological competence development also received a boost when our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) started in late 2016. Our aim is to develop the competence required to meet future needs and create even more customer-oriented architectural services.

Integration Academy promotes knowledge sharing and competence development

Digia held its first ever Integration Academy in spring 2016. This open programme sought to introduce Digia's integration business and tools to external parties. The Integration Academy was organised in collaboration with IBM, which provided students with a teaching environment in the IBM BlueMix cloud. The Integration Academy was held on seven nights over two weeks. The training was provided by Digia's own experts. The Integration Academy is one of the training programmes offered by Digia's Learning Academy.

The Academy received plenty of applications from both career changers and soon-to-be graduates. Yet the Integration Academy wasn’t solely about recruitment. It also sought to stimulate interest and create a positive image of Digia as an employer – and in this we succeeded. Digia increased its recognition in the job market, and some of the 14 Integration Academy students were recruited to permanent positions in integration. You can read news and participants’ comments about the Integration Academy on our website. The Integration Academy will run another programme in early 2017.