Recruitment and task rotation

Recruitment and task rotation

Digia is experiencing vigorous growth, and this was clearly visible in both recruitment and recruitment marketing in 2016. Last year, we undertook a broad range of measures to develop our recruitment process and increase Digia’s recognition.

Over 230 new personnel joined Digia in 2016 (business transfers included). We published over a hundred calls for applications and received about 3,000 applications via our recruitment system, plus numerous others by email or from executive search partners. We were also in direct contact with potential candidates via social media or through recommendations from current personnel.

New channels and visibility

During 2016, we increased our recruitment visibility in social media in particular, and also introduced several new recruitment channels. We are seeking to increase recognition of the Digia brand with a customised approach for different target groups: juniors, experienced experts, and management. We conducted numerous targeted social media campaigns, developed our website, and created a new online prospectus to aid recruitment communications.

During the year, Digia attended dozens of different recruitment events all across Finland. We also arranged a variety of meet-ups, campaigns, programmer training sessions, academy programmes, developer recruiting events, and professional retraining sessions. We published numerous blog posts and articles on recruitment and career themes (in Kauppalehti, for example), and we also increased our advertising in the mobile and tablet versions of Helsingin Sanomat. Our next focal point will be developing and adapting our applicant and recruitment communications to have an even greater appeal to software developers.

Digia offers career opportunities for promising young talents and career changers

Digia Career Compass is a recruiting programme targeted at students and graduates in IT and software development. About ten new talents were recruited through this programme in 2016. We want to offer students a flexible range of employment options, such as part-time or fixed-term contracts, hourly and project work, or thesis-writing positions. We revised our Career Compass programme to better meet students’ graduation timetables and career planning by introducing targeted application periods and scheduling the programme’s breakfast meetings during the early part of the year. We also offer development paths for young experts and career changers through, for example, the Integration Academy.

During the year, we also enhanced Digia’s employer image and educational collaboration in a number of municipalities, particularly in the capital city region where the demand for expertise is high. We cooperated with the University of Helsinki and universities of applied sciences by creating content for students, organising visiting lecturers, marketing open positions, and visiting educational institutions to tell students about the potential careers available at Digia. We also offered students trainee places, project work themes, and excursions.

Recruitment as a channel for competence development

Last year, we developed our recruitment process in collaboration with HR recruitment personnel and supervisors who needed to recruit new employees. This included creating common working methods, standardising interview practices, and upgrading the recruitment system to better meet the requirements of our business.

Internal recruitment is an important channel for competence development, and also enables us to offer task rotation and career opportunities to Digia employees. During 2016, we boosted internal recruitment by publishing new pages on the intranet. We also improved our resourcing by publishing resources requests and temporary project-related openings for experts in the ‘Experts needed’ section of our intranet. All open positions that are publicly announced are naturally open to Digia personnel as well, and internal applicants are considered first. Our recruiting also made use of our personnel’s own contacts and networks, and we offer a recruitment bonus for any recommendations that lead to a new hire.