Service Areas

Digia Builds Growth on a Firm Foundation

New organisation and four service areas

Digia announced its growth strategy for 2016–2019 in spring 2016. On 1 October 2016, we implemented a structural reorganisation to support growth. This restructuring sought to create a firm foundation to support the realisation of our strategy to the fullest possible extent.

Digia comprises four service areas: Digital Services, Integration and Information Management, Industry Solutions, and Digia Financial Solutions and Services.

A Horizontal Services organisation works in close cooperation with our businesses and plays a key role in creating shared service models and working methods. Standardisation will enable us to provide a better customer experience and improve the quality of our operations.

Service Areas

Digital Services

By bringing together our digital service expertise, we standardise and strengthen our activities in this area and acquire an even stronger position in the digital services market.

Integration and Information Management

Integration and analytics expertise is an important strategic strength for us. It enables us to provide our customers with functional and intelligent end-to-end solutions from core systems to digital services. Guaranteeing service continuity will also play an increasingly important role.

Industry Solutions

Offerings tailored to specific industries form one of Digia’s strategic cornerstones. Product groups that naturally have an industry perspective will be led and developed in Industry Solutions. We have profound expertise in several industries in particular: retail, logistics and industry, the public sector, and banking and insurance.

Digia Financial Solutions and Services

In addition to business based on Digia Financial Solutions products, the Financial Solutions and Services area focuses on our financial services business, which was launched in September 2016 and enables customers to outsource their back office operations to Digia. Strengthening our service operations is one of Digia’s key strategic cornerstones.