Strategy Implementation and Business Development

Strategy Implementation and Business Development

Our growth strategy, which was published on 29 April 2016, seeks to strengthen the company’s position, particularly in the growing market for digital services, process digitalisation and the service business. We want to grow at a significantly faster pace than the IT market and are seeking average annual growth of 15 per cent. Growth is being sought both organically and inorganically.

Digia is a profitably growing IT service company that helps its customers harness digital opportunities. As a visionary partner, Digia develops and innovates solutions that support business operations together with its customers. Our ability to provide solutions extends to our customers’ strategic systems, ERPs, and the integration of business processes.

The key themes of Digia’s strategy for 2016–2019 are:

  • digitalisation of services and processes
  • bolstering the service business
  • adapting our offering for selected industries
  • deep partnership with our customers
  • expert and enthusiastic employees

Growth will primarily be sought from the most rapidly growing areas of the traditional IT market, such as digital services and process digitalisation. We are expanding our international presence together with our customers. In addition to pursuing organic growth, Digia is actively seeking potential strategic acquisitions.

Strategy implementation in 2016

In order to support growth, we restructured our organisation and updated our operating models. Digia now comprises four service areas: Digital Services, Integration and Information Management, Industry Solutions, and Digia Financial Solutions and Services.

In order to build a firm foundation for growth, we have been developing and renewing our competence, and actively recruiting. The number of employees increased by 113 during 2016, of whom 75 persons were hired during the second half of the year.

Digia made a strategic acquisition in June. We acquired the entire share capital of Igence Oy Ab, thereby bolstering our position in the growing e-commerce market. The acquisition was carried out on 1 July 2016.

We also strengthened our service business during the year by establishing a new business in the financial sector. This financial-sector service includes back office services for asset management, and cooperation with the first customer started in the beginning of October.

In October, the Tax Administration chose Digia to supply the national income register solution. The register is scheduled for launch in early 2019. The solution will be delivered as a fixed-price project worth EUR 13.7 million. The project was launched in late 2016. The package also includes maintenance and further development. Digia's share of the project’s total value is about EUR 60 million over the 15-year contract period, including the fixed-price component of the project, provided that the solution is implemented in accordance with the assumptions made in the Tax Administration’s call to tender.