Group Management Team

Group Management Team

The Group Management Team supports the President & CEO in the routine management of the company. The CEO appoints Management Team members and decides on the terms and conditions of their service contracts.

The CEO chairs meetings of Digia’s Management Team. The Management Team consists of ten members. The Team meets once a week to assist the CEO in strategic planning, strategy implementation, operative management, and preparing items for consideration by the Board of Directors. The Board draws up annual action and financial plans, sets their associated targets, and monitors their progress. It also prepares significant investments, mergers and acquisitions. The CEO is responsible for the Management Group’s decisions. Members of the Management Group are tasked with implementing these decisions within their own areas of responsibility.

2016 Management Group members

Name Born in Education Area of responsibility


31 Dec 2016*

Member since
Timo Levoranta 1965

MSc. (Tech.),

MSc. (Econ.)

President & CEO 70 2016
Tuula Haataja 1964 MSc. (Econ.) CFO 30,698 2013
Mika Kervinen 1968


Trained on the bench

General Counsel 0 2016
Erkki Talvela 1953 MSc. (Econ.)

Senior Vice President,

Sales Marketing and Communications

0 2016
Samuli Aho 1968

Vocational Qualification

in Business Information


Vice President, eSolutions and Associations 1,000 2016
Tommi Flink 1975

MSc. (Information


Vice President, Financial Solutions and Services 7,213 2016
Tom Puusola 1967

Upper secondary school

graduate in Technical Science

Vice President, Horizontal Services 15,606 2012
Teemu Virtanen 1978 BSc. Vice President, Integration and Information Management 0 2016
Marko Saarinen 1969 MBA Vice President, Digital Services 0 2016
Juhana Juppo 1971 MSc. (Computer Science) CTO, Technologies 0 2016
Juha Varelius 1963 MSc. (Econ.) President & CEO** - 2007–2016
* Includes related-party holdings and related party entities
** Until 30 April 2016