Insider Administration

Insider Administration

Digia complies with the current Guidelines for Insiders issued by NASDAQ Helsinki. Digia’s General Counsel is responsible for insider issues. Digia revised its insider administration to comply with the EU Market Abuse Directive and Regulation (596/2014), which came into force on 3 July 2016.


Since the Market Abuse Directive came into force, Digia’s insiders have been divided into:

  1. permanent insiders, which include the CEO and members of Digia’s Board of Directors and Management Team;
  2. project-specific insiders, which include those who receive insider information relating to a specific project due to their position or tasks
  3. a list of those who receive financial information.

Permanent insiders are not listed in project-specific insider registers.

Management’s business transactions

Members of Digia’s Management and those in their close circle must report all business transactions involving Digia’s financial instruments to both Digia and the Financial Supervisory Authority. The managerial positions covered by this obligation are: the CEO, members of the Management Team, and members of Digia’s Board of Directors.

Digia will issue a stock exchange release on all personal business transactions made by members of Digia’s Management and those in their close circle. These releases will be issued within three (3) days of the transaction. Digia also keeps a record of this information on the company’s website.

Closed window

Insiders may not trade in the company’s securities during a period of 30 days before the publication of one of the company’s business reviews, interim reports or financial statement bulletins. Project-specific insiders may not trade in the company’s securities whilst the project is ongoing.

Reporting misconduct

Digia Plc has a ‘whistle blowing’ channel for reporting suspected market abuse. This channel seeks to promote compliance with good governance in the company’s routine activities, and to prevent and detect misconduct.

It can be used to report market abuse and the violation of operating principles, regulations and instructions, either confirmed or suspected.

Anyone can make an anonymous report using the form on Digia’s intranet. All reports are directed to Digia’s legal unit.

All reports will be processed confidentially and professionally in accordance with the Personal Data Act, with regard to both the informant and suspect.